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Foundation Repair Moreno Valley, CA

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Quality of service is something every customer aims to get and looking for the right people to help you can sometimes be hard to do. We believe that the customer should always come first and that they are always right. At Moreno Valley foundation repair and waterproofing services, we ensure that our customers not only receive the best quality service but also work with only the best contractors available.

About Us

We are experts when it comes to foundation repair. Our team is composed of experienced individuals ready to take on any challenge that you may have. Whether you have a flooded basement, a broken pipe, and many other issues lined up that need repair, you can be sure that we will get the job done for you! In fact, foundation repair is not our only area of expertise. We also have a wide variety of services, that may also be of benefit to you. If you are looking for a foundation team that you can trust, then you should definitely give us a call!

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    Stairs To Empty Storage Room in Basement
    view of the wooden formwork with metal holders, which will be filled with the overlap between the floors in the country house under construction from the foam block
    worker applies bitumen mastic on the foundation

    At Moreno Valley foundation repair, we always make sure that we deliver on our promises. We are experts at what we do, and we always do our work with passion and determination. Our team of professionals are all experienced and have been doing this for many years. So, if you want to find out more about the kind of services that we can offer, take a look below:

    Piers & Beams
    Sumps Pumps

    Piers And Beams

    Foundation piers are a vital part of many buildings and homes. Foundations are not only used for support, but they are used as a means to maintain the floor that a home or building rests on. There are many different kinds of foundations that you can have built into your home, and they all have their own purposes. Here are some of the commonly used foundations in The United States.

    The first kind of foundation piers is the cast-in-place concrete piers that are commonly seen on homes and businesses. These piers are placed at the bottom of the foundation of a home or building so that it can be supported more securely. Most homeowners prefer these types of foundation piers because they are simple and inexpensive to build. Some do-it-yourselfers even try to install them by themselves to save money.

    Another type of foundation piers is the steel piers that are most often used to support the concrete and other materials that need to be placed into the ground. Foundations are commonly made using poured concrete, stone, or wood. When you are doing a basement waterproofing project, you should not overlook the use of steel piers when creating your foundation. Steel piers are extremely strong and can easily support heavier loads than concrete piers.


    Sump Pumps

    Sump pumps are a special appliance designed to lower water levels in a basement by diverting floodwater from a sump pit to a higher level. Sump pumps are often used together with sump hangers to prevent the water from rising past the lowest floor level. Many homeowners are also familiar with sump pumps as a requirement in basement waterproofing, in case of severe floods in areas prone to a sump, high water levels in low-level areas, or other compelling reasons. But sump pump installation may also be required in other circumstances where your basement needs additional protection against flooding.

    A typical sump pump installation may include the installation of a sump guard, also known as a float activator. A float activator is an essential component of all sump pumps, which prevents the water level from rising above the pump's head. The float activator provides this additional layer of protection against potential flooding, by maintaining a constant water level at the pump's head and preventing the water level from descending too far. Sump pumps with float activators are typically more expensive than ones without.

    Other sump pumps commonly available in plumbing stores are submersible sump pumps. Submersible pumps are considered the safest among all types of sump pumps, as they have a larger capacity than their submersible cousins. However, unlike submersibles, pedestal sump pumps do not require the use of a pedestal drain in order to function. This makes them less expensive and more energy-efficient than their submersible cousins. In addition, unlike pedestal pumps, submersibles have no external moving parts, which significantly reduces the risk of mechanical failure.



    Basement Repair is not as simple as it seems, particularly if you have basements in your home. Basement walls usually crack, are chipped, or completely stripped. The sump pump may be out of service and drainage pipes may be leaking, causing dampness throughout the entire house. There are other problems associated with basements, such as efflorescence (leaking basement) and water damage to the crawl space, attic, and outside walls, causing a devaluation of the property.

    Basement Repair gets worse when you have inadequate waterproofing of the walls. Water accumulation in basements causes the walls to crack and deteriorate over time. The water gets inside the house by penetrating the cracks and crevices around the house, which cause pockets that become moisture sources, with the accompanying damage to the framing, wallboard, and drywall. The cracks get bigger over time as the water accumulates.

    In many basements, water intrusion is a problem that homeowners face on a regular basis. For this problem, homeowners will usually call on professionals for basement repair. There are many options available for addressing this issue. Many basement repair experts will recommend adding spouts extensions to the existing roof system. These help keep the water away from the home. Other methods homeowners use include putting felt cutouts in the walls, placing concrete cap sheets on the floor, and sealing the top with fiberglass or acrylic sheeting.

    Foundation insulation and Damp proofing in problem corner area. House basement,foundation insulation details with waterproofing and Damp Proof membranes
    piers and beams 1 moreno valley california
    A sump pump with some water around it

    Roof Waterproofing
    Deck and Porch Waterproofing
    French Drains

    Roof Waterproofing

    Roof waterproofing can be done with either a rubberized membrane or an asphalt shingle membrane. Both are fairly cheap to purchase and install, but the asphalt shingle is the preferred type because it is easier to install. When choosing which one to use, it is important to consider how much water that you are expecting to collect on a monthly basis. Since the cost of roof waterproofing goes down with each square foot that you waterproof, it is better to go with a larger area than you have to in order to avoid leaks.

    There are many other options when it comes to roof maintenance. You can waterproof your flat roof, which will stop heat from escaping and causing it to become hot while keeping cold air inside. You can also use rubber roof coating to waterproof the flat roof, but it is much less common because it requires professional roof waterproofing installation. Flat roofs can also be protected with paint and this can be a great way to save money since they can last for decades. The most common type of paint used to waterproof flat roofs is polyurethane-based paint which can be purchased in rolls similar to spray paint and is less expensive than some other types of paint.


    Deck and Porch Waterproofing

    There are some final considerations when it comes to protecting your deck properly. In some cases, you may need to install some sort of cover over the top of your deck. While there are many options available for covers, the most common is a deck cover. These products are typically made out of a rubber compound that forms an impermeable barrier over your deck. If you have heavy rain and snow, this will prevent significant damage from occurring. In addition to a deck cover, you may also need to install proper flashing over your patio and pathways, particularly if you have a retaining wall or other structure that runs along your deck.

    All in all, wood decking systems are not only very attractive, but they can also provide very effective protection from unwanted water damage. No matter what type of material you choose, remember to thoroughly inspect and test any decking material for cracks or signs of degradation. By doing so, you will ensure that you get the maximum life out of your decking systems. And since there is such a wide range of different materials available, no matter what you're looking for, you're sure to find something that will fit your needs. Just make sure that you take the time necessary to find the right decking solution for your living space.


    French Drains

    Common French drain problems include clogged drains or broken pipes. If you're experiencing a problem with your French drain, contact a professional drain cleaning service and do French drain repair. French drain repair is a simple, straightforward project that maximized water flow so this mighty force of nature isn't prone to damage. In addition, professional drain cleaners can prevent future problems with French drains by suggesting solutions to address common problems and issues.

    The first step to addressing common French drain problems is to identify the cause. This might sound straightforward, but many people don't pay attention to their French drains. For example, improperly cut retaining wall seams can result in water accumulation around your foundation. An inspection and survey of your foundation may uncover other problems that will require French drain repair.

    If your French drains aren't leaking, the problem may be more complex. To find out if French drains need professional French drain repair, you'll need to take a closer look at the pipe that connects your basement to the exterior sewer line. If you notice any cracks or corrosion on the inside of the pipe, you should get it sealed to prevent additional water damage.

    roof waterproofing moreno valley california
    deck and porch moreno valley california
    french drains 1 moreno valley california

    Foundation Repair
    Crawl Spaces
    Foundational Cracks

    Foundation Repair

    Settling is the process of finding a new home based on the information you have gathered. When you find your dream home you call the local real estate agent or broker and ask them for the prices of homes similar to yours in your area. They tell you what they are willing to offer for homes similar to yours in your area and also give you some ideas on how much they think it would cost. Now all you have to do is compare these prices to what you had previously been told and make an offer. The offers could vary by hundreds or thousands of dollars and it is important that you understand what these offers mean and the impact these will have on your budget.

    One reason for having a ceiling leak is due to settling. A ceiling crack is a small crack that can grow large because of settling. If you live in an older home then you have a bigger chance of having this problem. It is very easy to miss a ceiling crack and when it comes time to sell your home this can mean big money lost.

    Ceiling leaks are not the only cause of ceiling cracks. Floor cracks are another common problem that causes people to ask 'what can I do about my ceiling leak?' The damage to a floor can be very expensive to repair. Some people put carpets over floor cracks to protect them but this is not always the best course of action. Carpeting is one of the main causes of moisture entering a home and causing dampness and mold growth which is damaging to the health of anyone who is living in the home.


    Crawl Spaces

    Crawl space encapsulation has become more popular over the last few years as many realize the benefits it provides to homeowners. In addition to the aesthetic benefit of protecting the home from rain and other inclement weather, encapsulating the crawl space allows for better pest control. Many people mistakenly believe that this service is only a cosmetic repair, but they're definitely wrong. It's important to note that the main purpose of encapsulation isn't to hide things or make a home look spic and span, but rather it's to seal and insulate the crawl space so that it remains safe for living. Properly encapsulated homes can help curb mold growth, reduce indoor air pollution, and significantly enhance the overall energy efficiency of the home.

    There are many benefits to properly cleaning your crawl space, but there are also some cons. If you're considering encapsulating your space, there are some benefits to doing so as well, including the following. Crawl space cleaning isn't a quick fix, but it's definitely a wise investment in the long run!

    There are many benefits to crawl space encapsulation that are almost too numerous to mention. One of the most notable is protecting your home from potential flooding. Many basements are not adequately waterproof and inevitably flood at one time or another. This can be a costly and troublesome problem to have to deal with. Sealing the soil around a house will create a more impervious barrier against water damage and keep your home more protected.


    Foundational Cracks

    Basement cracks are very common, especially in older homes. There are so many different kinds of basement cracks and even more causes for them. Some cracks might be purely cosmetic, and only be of minor concern to your house's structure. Others might be direr, which it is important to recognize at the onset. When you have basement problems, the first thing you need to do is understand the root cause of the problem so that you can take the necessary measures to fix it.

    Horizontal cracks are very common, especially in homes built on the soil. These are caused by water seeping through the earth, creating a large pocket along the exterior wall. As the water pools, the area around becomes moist and can expand into a crack, giving a visible appearance of a foundation repair. The moisture may also be the result of the settling of the home over time, causing the house to settle unevenly. For this reason, foundation repair should always be done before any Horizontal cracks appear.

    Vertical cracks are another common variety of structural cracks, usually caused by soil shifting or loosening, specifically due to expansion and contraction during the course of a home's life. These are most often caused by basement waterproofing failures, which are typically caused by poorly installed shingles and pans. Even though back filling is popular, it does not replace the waterproofing system that is damaged by the cracks, nor does it prevent further water damage to your basement walls.

    fixing of the basement
    Working process of installing plasterboard or drywall for making gypsum walls in apartment is under construction, remodeling, renovation, extension, restoration and reconstruction. Concept of home improvement or renovate.
    An old house  (exposing the porch) rests on steel girders as a new concrete basement is being created.
basemen  and foundation is being created

    Mold Removal
    Egress Systems
    Radon Testing

    Mold Removal

    The process of mold removal is a long and costly one, that's for sure. But the good news is, it doesn't have to be that way. The task of mold remediation can be simplified into a few steps and procedures that you can easily follow. These processes are designed to keep mold from coming back, without the need for costly repairs or even eliminating the problem in its entirety. So now you know what mold removal is all about, how do you remove mold from your home?

    There are many options when it comes to mold remediation. The first one would be to use mold removal solutions, which include air scrubbers and spot removers. These products can be applied directly to the affected areas, which would then lead to less growth of mold spores in the future. Another option would be to use mold removal chemicals, which are used commonly in commercial and residential buildings alike. These chemicals are usually applied through spot removers and are usually effective in reducing the growth of mold spores.

    Mold removal can also be carried out by using mold restoration services. However, this is quite expensive and can be a challenge. Mold restoration services can be availed at a cost, but there's no guarantee that the work will be successful. If you want to try to save money on the said service, then you could choose to do the removal yourself. There are many sources of information about doing the removal yourself.


    Egress Systems

    According to the International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings, all sleeping areas, livable attics, and basements shall have at least one functional egress window installed. When combined with exterior doors that are compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Safety Code for Exterior Doors, the egress openings allow a faster escape of persons from burning buildings. In some situations, an exit may be mandated by local or state fire codes. In this case, the egress window serves both as an exit and as a means of ingress to the outside environment. An egress window provides protection against fire-related injuries.

    Unfortunately, finding an experienced and qualified egress contractor to install an emergency exit is not as easy as flipping through the phone book or Internet listings. Most companies that provide emergency egress services do so through a licensed, bonded business. Such businesses may also offer a variety of added services to complement an existing emergency egress system. If your existing system has missing windows or damaged glass, it would be wise to contact a company that offers integrated egress repair.

    Before making contact with the company, confirm that the technicians will use approved equipment during the entire installation process. Some companies place fiberglass-reinforced aluminum (FR Aluminum) windows on homes and commercial structures; other companies install wood-framed windows that are susceptible to moisture. A quality, a certified technician should evaluate the damage, identify the best entry points and evaluate the integrity of the existing framework. The technician should then place an estimate on the repairs for both the inside and outside windows.


    Radon Testing

    Radon mitigation is the process utilized to lower radon concentrations in the living breathing zones of inhabited buildings, as well as radon from underground water sources. Radon is an important contributor to environmental radiative decay. It is estimated that every year about 400 homes are lost because of radon mitigation. Radon gas is measured in picocuries per liter and can vary depending on the quality of the soil where it is located and the amount of pollution around the home.

    The health risks associated with low levels of radon gas are increasing each year and there is an increase in people who suffer from chronic pulmonary disorders such as bronchitis and emphysema. High levels of radon gas can also cause lung cancer, particularly if one is a smoker or has other forms of lung cancer or other diseases. Radon abatement is achieved by measuring radon content in the home's atmosphere and then testing for levels of radiation in the home. This is called radon testing.

    Radon gases rise to the earth's surface through the pores of the soil. These soils' content of radon depends on the mineral composition and the location where it is located. There are several ways to test for the presence of radon in the air and in the ground. One method is to install a soil gas station that will measure radon levels in the air and in the ground. Another method is to do a Radon test in your home.

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    egress systems moreno valley california
    radon testing moreno valley california

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