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Sumps Pumps Installation and Maintenance Moreno Valley, California

An exterior sump pump installed next to a house

Battery Backup Sump Pumps - How They Protect Your Home From Flooding 

If your sump pump fails, does not work, or becomes damaged in any way, you need to replace it before it causes further damage. The Sump Pump Replacement is usually a quick and easy process, but you do need to be careful during the installation. It is important that you know how a sump pump works in order to perform the installation properly. It is generally the same as the one located in your basement however, there are some differences in the design and operation.


What are the Two Types of Sump Pumps? 

The sump pump battery backup normally functions by utilizing a second sump pump, which can be installed right underneath the primary one. Powered by an equally powerful battery, the second backup sump pump kicks on automatically whenever the primary sump pump fails to eliminate excess water from the basement. In addition to saving time, this type of sump pump installation Moreno Valley, CA reduces the likelihood of flooding, because less water gets into the basement. This type of backup sump pump installation is very useful for homes located in areas that experience high water tables. The backup sump pump also reduces your electricity bill by not using the main power grid.

While sump pump battery backup systems operate with the assistance of a large battery, small backup systems use a smaller battery. In larger systems, the backup battery usually resides in a garage, basement, or attic. It is connected to a circuit that feeds its power from the main power source. Most sump pump battery backup systems come with a long-term warranty.

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    How do you Install a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

    The installation of a battery backup sump pump usually takes about an hour or so. The pump itself is placed in the basement and left there for several days, while the circuit box is being built. Once the circuit box has been completed, it is installed in the pump housing. Sump pit excavations are necessary to install the unit. You may need to have a professional come and do this, depending on the depth of the pit and other variables.

    If your home is located in a part of the country that experiences heavy downpours, it is likely that you will have to deal with power outages at some point. Many people choose to have sump pumps installed so that they will be prepared in case of a power outage. Many of these devices operate using diesel fuel, which can make them very reliable. Although they can be powered by electricity, it isn't common to have your power go out with sump pumps, especially if you live in an area that is prone to power outages.


    Things to consider before purchasing a Sump Pump 

    If you are considering purchasing one of these devices, you should consider the cost and how reliable it would be in the event of a power outage. These devices can provide flood protection in a basement that might not otherwise have it. They also work well for areas that experience flooding, because they eliminate the risk of flooding in your basement. These sump pumps are a good investment, especially if you live in an area that experiences heavy downpours. If you are looking for a reliable device, you should consider a battery backup sump pump.

    As far as the battery backups, most people simply connect them to their household power supply. The sump pump battery backup consists of a sealed lead-acid battery. The device actually powers the motor from the battery. A fuse is placed in the circuit box, so that should the motor fail, the circuit box will cut off power to the device, thus, turning it off. The sump pump

    usually weighs about forty pounds, and it needs to be attached to a metal box with fittings so that it does not get damaged. Once the motor is turned on, it will keep pumping water into the basement for many hours.


    What is the Benefit of using a Sump Pump Backup Battery? 

    One of the benefits of using a sump pump backup battery is that you can place it anywhere in your basement and it will take care of itself. It will not be affected by any type of weather conditions. This means that you will not have to worry about the flooding happening in your basement if there is too much water inside. If you live in an area that is often experiencing inclement weather, you should consider using this device to make sure that no one gets into your basement.

    If you don’t have time to install this yourself, it’s best to contact a professional so they can help you with the problem. Get in touch with us now so we can help provide you with the best Sump Pump Services at the most affordable prices.