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Foundation Repair Moreno Valley, California

An old house  (exposing the porch) rests on steel girders as a new concrete basement is being created.
basemen  and foundation is being created

Signs You Need Foundation Repair 

Foundations are a vital part of any structure. They provide structural support and act as a barrier between the earth and the outer layers of the soil. Because foundations are important, it's important that they are well-maintained. Foundation repair services ensure this is the case by repairing damaged and worn foundations. Unfortunately, wear and tear are inevitable, and sometimes, even with repairs, cracks still don't close correctly.

Unfortunately, no matter how much money or effort you put into the house foundation repair, there will always be a chance that something may go wrong. If a slab of concrete fails to properly apply across an abnormally long span or if the decking or exterior beams are rotten, then it's possible your foundation will fail as well. Unfortunately, restoring your foundation can be tricky because it takes a trained eye to know what type of holes to fix and how to fill them without creating a larger hole. In addition, foundation problems don't happen overnight, so if you discover a problem after the fact it's more difficult to make any changes.

For houses, commercial buildings, and other structures, foundation repair professionals use specialized equipment to determine the integrity of the foundation. In many cases, cracks and leaks will be easy to identify on a map of the property or from photos. Foundation piers are used to channel groundwater away from the foundation. These piers are typically made out of steel, but concrete piers are also used. Both types of piers are used for different reasons.

Concrete piers are used when there is foundation trouble because the ground can't be dug enough to safely bury the pipes under. As a result, water has to drain away from the foundation. When a foundation crack or other issue causes water to seep into the walls or floors, this will cause foundation problems that can become very expensive to fix.

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    How do you know if you need Foundation Repair? 

    There are several signs that you may have a moisture problem in your basement or foundation. One sign is sinking. If the floor or walls start to sink, this is a sign of water damage and will need to be repaired immediately. If you notice that the basement feels moist even when you're not home, there is another sign: mold growth. It's important to keep an eye out for this, especially if you have small children who tend to crawl about in damp areas.



    In addition to a basement or foundation movement, you may also want to look for cracks in the exterior walls of the commercial property. Exterior cracks are easily visible from the street, but they can also develop over time due to weathering or aging. Look for signs of deterioration, such as patchy areas where the paint has chipped off. If you see any signs of exterior damage, you should contact a foundation expert right away.


    Foundation Stress 

    Hairline cracks in the foundation are a classic sign of foundation stress and could indicate your structure is in trouble. This can be easily detected by looking at the soil around the base of the foundation. If you see evidence of natural fractures in the soil, this could indicate that the foundation is being cracked due to natural forces or human error.


    Potting Soil 

    Another sign of foundation problems is the presence of potting soil. If the soil around the foundation is compacted, this could indicate plumbing leaks or other drainage problems. It can also indicate soil compaction caused by heavy rain during a recent severe weather event. Foundation problems, as you can see, can be subtle or very serious, so it's important to pay attention to the many signs your building presents. If you think you need Foundation Repair Moreno Valley, CA, get in touch with us right away so we can give you the best solution and at the best price!