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Egress Systems Moreno Valley, California

egress systems moreno valley california

Egress Windows Protection and Style 

An egress window is simply a window on the upper level of a residential (or commercial) home, apartment, or condo. An egress window provides a door for movement from the upper floor to the basement or first floor of the home. There are many different types of egress windows available, each providing different features and benefits. An egress window can be made of glass, stone, block, or solid concrete.

An egress window is very important to ensure the safety of people during an emergency or collapse of a building. Most commercial buildings are required to install such structures within their premises. An egress window system is installed in part by cutting a hole in the floor above a stairwell. Egress routes (also called escapes), usually located at the bottom floors of multi-story homes, are usually installed within the opening cut in the concrete floor.

When an egress window and/or egress route are not installed, the stairwell that leads from the upper floor to the basement becomes a potential hazard for persons. If an emergency situation were to occur, the stairwell would be blocked and could result in serious bodily injury or death. It is important that a professional egress contractor be hired for this type of job. Get in touch with us right away so we can get to work on installing your egress window!

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    How to install an Egress Window System 

    A foundation wall (sometimes referred to as a slab) must be installed properly before a window well installation is attempted. The wall should be solid; reinforced steel is often used. After the foundation wall is installed, a thick insulation material should be installed between the slab and the exterior face of the house. The thickness of this material will depend on many factors such as the age of the house, the condition of the foundation, the quality of the insulation, and the type of windows being installed.

    Once the foundation wall is installed, the egress window should be installed. This type of window is installed flush with the exterior face of the house. The contractor should make sure that the window fits securely enough so that it does not move when someone opens and closes the door or window. If the contractor uses the same type of window that was installed within the basement, then it should provide adequate protection.


    Types of Egress Windows 

    There are several types of egress windows that can be installed into a building. These windows are usually made of acrylic, fiberglass, wood, laminate, or vinyl-based materials. Each type of material provides a different level of resistance to energy penetration. The emergency escape windows chosen for your home should meet the building codes for the location where they will be installed.


    Acrylic Egress Windows

    Acrylic egress windows are one of the most popular because they offer the greatest amount of insulation. This material can maintain a temperature of minus 12 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter and can maintain a constant temperature of seventy-five to eight degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Because of the insulation ability of acrylic, this material is an excellent choice for basement finishing. They are available in unfinished basement kits and prefabricated egress windows.



    Fiberglass is another popular choice for new basement windows. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to wood, and it also will not rot due to moisture. Laminate is also another option that is easy to clean and resists stains from water. All three of these materials are perfect for use in newly built homes but may not be suitable for use in older houses that have already been built.

    When selecting an egress window installation Moreno Valley, CA company, look for a company that has experience with all of these materials. If you are having the egress window custom-built, choose a company that has more than one professional on staff to handle the extra jobs that come up. Having a company with multiple professionals on staff is always a good idea, especially if you have a basement that is separated into different rooms. When you have a roomier basement, it makes it easier to maintain all of the different components of the home. When you have a smaller home, it is very difficult to keep track of all of the different things that need to be maintained.

    There may be times when you will need to have the egress window or other French windows removed, depending on how much sun exposure in the home gets. Some parts of the country get a lot of suns, while others may only get a little. If you have a home that gets a lot of sunlight, you may need to have the windows removed and replaced with thicker, more durable glass. On the other hand, if you are having the basement bedroom remodeled, you may want to retain the original windows for aesthetic purposes. The doors can be kept open if the glass does not have to be removed.

    When you are choosing the right materials, make sure to have a design drawn up that shows you where the window will go. It is important that the contractor that you choose understands how important the placement of the egress doors is to you, as well as the placement of all of the other windows. If they are not properly placed, then you could have leaks, depending on where they are installed. There are several different sizes and styles of French windows, and you should discuss your needs with the contractor who is installing your basement windows. When you choose the right contractor, you can rest easy knowing that your basement windows will provide the ultimate in protection, when the heat or cold comes into your home.