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Basement Repair Moreno Valley, California

fixing of the basement

Reasons You May Have a Basement Leak 

Basement leaks are very common in areas with poor foundation construction and soil drainage. Often, these leaks develop due to the soil being compacted below the foundation while the soil is on top of the foundation. In areas where soil pressure is high, concrete may not be enough to hold the soil in place. When this happens, excess soil will move downward and eventually cause a foundation leak.

Basement waterproofing Moreno Valley, CA entails various materials and techniques used to effectively prevent water from penetrating a building's or a home's basement. Waterproofing a basement does not only include repairing any leaking roofs, pipes, or vents; it also includes the installation of drainpipes, sealants, sump pumps, and more. There are many reasons why basement leaks occur. These reasons include poor foundation construction, soil pressure, improper drainage, or wet weather.

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    What are the most common causes of Basement leaks? 

    Poor foundation construction is the most common reason why basement leaks occur. A foundation's strength lies in how water pressures are distributed inside the structure. If water is not properly directed to the outside of the foundation, its potential to move through the structure is reduced. For instance, high hydrostatic pressure in areas near the base of the house cause basement leaks.


    Poor Drainage 

    Foundation leaks also occur because of poor drainage. Drainage systems must be perfectly lined to serve as a path of least resistance for all water that might flow into a basement. This means that if water pressure is too high near the foundation walls, there should be outlets installed for the drainage of excess water. Seepage of water into the floor of a home can also result from poor waterproofing practices. Aside from seepage, dampness and mud are potential culprits of basement leaks.


    Wet Weather 

    Wet weather is another one of the most common causes of basement leaks. Moisture causes the permeation of air, which makes it easier for air pockets to form within the concrete. As these pockets expand and contract with changes in the humidity, they can eventually become big enough to allow air to pass through. When this happens, you get what is known as a wet basement leak.


    Poor Maintenance of Downspouts and Gutters 

    One of the most common reasons why foundations develop cracks is because of poorly maintained gutters and downspouts. Gutters and downspouts are designed to prevent runoff of rainwater from coming from the roof. If these systems are clogged, the water may pool around the foundations. As the water sits stagnant on the exterior walls of the home, it will eventually start to rot and eventually corrode the concrete. Aside from causing wet basement leaks, clogged gutters and downspouts may also cause damage to exterior walls and even to the foundation itself.


    Ineffective Basement Waterproofing 

    the best way to waterproof your home is to hire a qualified and licensed foundation waterproof contractor, it is not necessary to do so on your own. While it may seem convenient to have the work done right from the beginning, in the long run hiring a professional will be more cost-efficient, especially if you plan to perform the job yourself. By doing the waterproofing job yourself, you will not only save time and money but will also learn valuable home improvement skills that you can use later on.

    The longer you wait to address the problem, the more money and time are lost. In addition to the financial loss, you may also face personal injury lawsuits if you don't take action to stop basement leaks right away. If you have noticed wet or dry basement leaks, you should get in contact with us right away. We specialize in reliable basement waterproofing. Our company has insurance, and experience working with similar situations.